"F" The Nine Worthies

Object Name
Object Type
before 1524
Credit Line
Musée national de la Renaissance – Château d'Ecouen
Object Number
ECL 21326
AGO, Gallery 135 Betty Ann & Fraser Elliott Gallery


Overall Open: 75mm × 80mm × 13mm (7.5 × 8 × 1.3 cm)


Interior has 10 rondels with representations of the Crucifixion and the Nine Worthies all on horseback, all with coats of arms except Hector

3 pagan worthies: Hector, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar; 3 Jewish worthies: Joshua, King David, Judas Macabee; 3 Christian worthies: Charlemagne, King Arthur, Godefroy de Bouillon

The F has been said to be that of Philibert le Beau, Margaret of Austria's second husband, but his name was never spelled with an F. The other hypothesis is that it belonged to François I, e.g., Sauzay, 1861.

Signature, Inscriptions, and Markings

Names of Worthies carved in or above rondels with images reading left to right from top:

AECTOR [Hector]

ALESAND [Alexander the Great]

IVDAS [Judas Maccabeus]

ARTVS [King Arthur]


IVLIVS [Julius Caesar]

IOSVE [Joshua]

KAROLVS [Charlemagne]


DAVID [King David]

GODEFRIDVS [Godfrey of Bouillon]

[source: Sauzay 1861]

Published References

Alexandre Sauzay, Catalogue du Musée Sauvageot (Paris: Musée Impérial du Louvre, 1861) , 44-46, no. 189; Alain Erlande-Brandenburg, Musée de la Renaissance : Château de la Renaissance (Paris: Edition de la Réunion des musées nationaux, 1987) p. 62


Jamet, Debruge, Hope, Charles Sauvageot
Previous Owner(s)
Charles Sauvageot


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