Object Name
Object Type
late 15th-early 16th century
Credit Line
Musée de l'Œuvre Notre-Dame, Strasbourg
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Not currently on display


Overall Closed: 345mm × 30mm (34.5 × 3 cm) [paternoster bead 30mm] [ave beads range from 21 to 29 mm]


The beads are graduated, with the largest being the Paternoster. Each bead has fourteen sides, four of which have space for a scene.
Paternoster bead: St. Judas; Resurrection of the Dead (2 scenes); blank
Ave beads: Each apostle can be identified by a shortened form of his name, his attribute and a scroll containing the initial letters of his part of the Apostles' Creed.
1. St. Peter; The Creation of the Heavens; The Creation of the World; the Creation of the Sun, Moon and Stars
2. St. Andrew; Ecce Homo, Man of Sorrows, Ruler of the World
3. St. James the Greater; Annunciation; Nativity; Circumcision
4. St. John; Mocking of Christ; Crucifixion; Entombment
5. St. Thomas; Samson with the Doors of Gaza; Resurrection; Descent into Hell
6. St. James the Lesser; Christ with Mary and his Disciples; Ascension; Christ in Heaven
7. St. Philip; Last Judgement; Judgement of Solomon; murder scene
8. St. Bartholomew; Baptism of Christ; Pentecost; Trinity
9. St. Simon; Presentation in the Temple; Mary Magdalene anoints Christ's feet; Monk blesses a kneeling woman
10. St. Matthew; Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene and five other holy women; Procession with a pope around a church; The Four Evangelists with Christ and God the Father in Heaven

Signature, Inscriptions, and Markings

Carved abbreviations of the Apostle's Creed:

C.I.D.P.O.C.C.E.T. [on first bead showing St. Peter = Credo in Deum Patrem omnipotentem creatorem coeli et terrae]

E.I.K.F.V.D.N. [on second bead showing St. Andrew = et in Christum Filium unigenitum Dominum nostrum]

K.P.E. - REX [on second bead showing Ruler of the World = Christus Pater et Rex]

[source: Heberle]

Published References

Richard Marks, Two Early Sixteenth Century Boxwood Carvings Associated with the Glymes Family of Bergen op Zoom (Oud Holland, 91, 1977). p. 142; Kat. Martin Bucer 1991, p 69, nr 28; Cécile Dupeux The Oeuvre Notre-Dame Museum (Paris: Scala; Strasbourg : Musées de Strasbourg, 1999)

Catalogue Raisonné

Romanelli 76


Demidoff-Donato, Paris; Christophe Rhaban Ruhl, Cologne; Eugen Felix, Leipzig; Bourgeois Frères, Cologne (1904 catalogue, p. 218, nr. 1100)
Previous Owner(s)
Christophe Rhaban Ruhl
Eugene Felix
Bourgeois Frères Collection


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